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10 Countries Where Prostitution Is Not Illegal

10 Countries Where Prostitution Is Not Illegal

Prostitution has always been a disputed issue. Some people believe that it is right while some people are against it. Our opinion about prostitution is not even clear. The lives of many girls have been wasted in this swamp. Most prostitutes are brought in this occupation through illegal means like kidnapping, absconding, selling. One of the most changed questions related to prostitution is that, 'should it be legalized or not?

Perhaps you do not know it is legal in some countries too. In many countries like India, it is still considered illegal. Although openly in India, prostitution is happening in every city. In this regard, let us tell you in which countries Prostitution is legal?

1. New Zealand

- Here is prostitution legal since 2013. Here many licensed authorized brothels are run.

2. Australia

In some parts of this country, prostitution is legal; in some parts it is considered illegal.

3. Austria

It is completely legal in this country. Here, any Prostitute has to give a Health Examination first. At the same time they have to pay taxes.

4. Bangladesh

- All,except the mail prostitutes are legal in Bangladesh. Brothel is one of the world's largest brothels