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5 Richest Farmers Of The World Who Can Inspire You To Become A Farmer

5 Richest Farmers Of The World Who Can Inspire You To Become A Farmer

India has a special identity in the form of an agriculture-oriented country. Even today, most of the country's population is dependent on agriculture. Although the situation of the farmers here is getting worse day by day. Most of India's farmers depend on monsoons for farming, but sometimes untimely rains thrash their hopes.

This is the reason why many farmers in India are being forced to commit suicide due to poverty and heavy debt. But as far as our country's farmers are concerned, the better life is won by the farmers of other countries of the world.

So, today we are going to tell you about the world's richest farmers who can inspire you to be a farmer.


1-Liu Yonghau:

Liu Yonghau of China is considered the world's richest farmer and he has collected assets worth Rs. 29,480 crore through farming. Liu Yonghau had left his government job for farming and together with his brothers, started poultry for $ 150. This farmer has land of agriculture not only in China but also in Australia.

2- Harry Styen:

Harry Styne is America's richest farmer who is known for cultivating hybrid soyabean. Harry has 10 thousand acres of land for cultivation and he has earned Rs 22,780 crore through cultivation.

3- Blero Maggi:

The rich farmer of Brazil, Blero Maggi is an agricultural minister also. Maggi is famous for cultivating soya bean and he has earned income of Rs. 7705 crores by cultivating.

4- Tony Perich:

Tony Perich runs the largest dairy farm in Australia. It is said that Tony had started dairy work with 25 cows in 1951 and now he has more than 2 thousand cows and 11 thousand hectare agriculture farm. By running dairy farm, he has earned Rs. 5159 crores so far.