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Buying Condom In India Is Too Difficult

Buying Condom In India Is Too Difficult

How difficult is it to buy condoms in our country? Did someone ask a boy? If you are going to buy condoms on any medical store, then this is my instruction that you hide your face well, so that you can not be recognized because in countries like India where people have more interest in the life of others than their own. You can not buy things like condoms openly. 

If you reach the medical store to buy a condom, then the already present people will stare you in such a way that you yourself will start feeling that you are a terrorist who came to buy RDX or AK47 on medical. In this series, today we have brought a funny video for you which would you also like. After watching this video, you will understand very well how difficult it is to buy condoms in India.

The video is shared by GlintTv.