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Echoes Cafe At Delhi: Here's Why This Cafe Deserves A Visit!

Echoes Cafe At Delhi: Here's Why This Cafe Deserves A Visit!

Run and managed by deaf and mute staff, Echoes is the coolest cafe in Delhi which is different from the rest. The cafe in Delhi (Hub of cafes) serves mouth watering dishes, perfect ambiance but this cafe has something heartwarming.This is managed by the people who even cannot listen to your order but still they manage to do so. Yes, it is possible and the people working in this cafe shows how.

The incredible cafe is an idea that came from owners Kshitij Behl and Shivansh Kumar and is situated opposite Venkateshwara College. You must be wondering how a cafe can be managed by deaf and mute people? Maybe you are also wondering that is it even impossible to call out the waiters who cannot hear and it might be very challenging for the customers to place the order! However, don't worry Behl and Kumar have made sure to manage everything!

Light bulbs are used to grab the attention of the waiters and customers write on the notepads.  For other things like spoons, water, forks etc there are specially made placards which can be shown to the waiters and they shall serve you immediately. Further, the owners have a plan to hire only specially-abled in future also.

Who says deaf and mutes can not earn a living? This is how they are doing it, all they require is a little thoughtfulness and help from our side! Being disabled do not stop your world, there are people like Kshitij and Shivansh who still exists and generous enough.
So, the next time you look for a new cafe to visit, we suggest Echoes at Satya Niketan. Truely worth adding to all our bucket lists, isn’t it?

Only positive vibes at the Echoes Satyaniketan cafe in New Delhi run by the deaf and mute. Add this to your must visit list!