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Experience Some amazing Train Journeys’ with Some Beautiful Trains around the Globe

Experience Some amazing Train Journeys’ with Some Beautiful Trains around the Globe

I think everyone have some train Journey memories. I still remember when whole family travels together with lot eating stuff. I am sure a lot of us, just like me, grew fond of travelling just because of those train journeys. I remember I always wanted to sit by the window and kept waiting for those pastoral sceneries to come up. View of those lush green rice fields, buffaloes bathing in a pond and a farmer busy tending to his farm made me fall in love with nature. In fact, it is the same nostalgia that still awakens the excitement in me when I grab a window seat in a train even to this day. Although, these train journeys have made travellers out of many Indian kids, there are so many other train journeys around the world that are so beautiful and are worth travelling all the way to a foreign land. Let me introduce you some most beautiful trains around the globe.

Royal Canadian Pacific, Canada

One of the best ways to soak in endless views of the Canadian Rockies in Canada’s Alberta and British Columbia is a train ride on the Royal Canadian Pacific. Keeping you immersed in luxury, this train journey will take you through a route wherein all you would see are the mountains of the region. Topping the views is the kind of luxury the train offers. Talking about food, this train is famous for its fine dining car where sumptuous meals are served by two senior chefs.

The Belmond Andean Explorer, Peru

Launched in May 2017, The Belmond Andean Explorer lives up to its name as it ensures that every traveller gets to explore the raw beauty of the bare Peruvian landscape like never before. It is South America’s first sleeper train and it travels on an amazing route which starts fromCusco and takes passengers all the way through the highest plains of the Andes mountains, and then to Puno which is famous for the ancient floating islands on Lake Titicaca. The other luxury facilities of the train include two dining carriages offering Andean cuisine, a piano war to relax in, and a car with spa facilities.

The Ghan, Australia

A journey on The Ghan has for long been regarded as one of the legendary train journeys in the world. Having an unique route to boast of, this journey ensures that the travellers get to experience a scenery which changes from the Outback of Katherine to metropolitan cityAdelaide as the Ghan powers along the wide-open tracks of central Australia. The train is also home to three kinds of cabin categories, namely Platinum, Gold and Red, each offering its exclusive advantages to the travellers on board.