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Explore: Mythology and History Together!!

Explore: Mythology and History Together!!

I am in love with everything to do with mythology. Hindu Mythology has great stories and very deep rooted. Can history and mythology goes together?  Then answer is yes can go hand in hand. Well, here are some places that are steeped in history and mythology. Find out some religious places which has great history too.


Subah-e-Banaras is spell-bound. The sunrise on the ghats long the Ganges is the most endearing sunrises we have ever seen for it creates the illusion of the sun rising from under the river. Sailing along the 80 odd ghats in Varanasi on the morning, we spoke the language of silence. According to Hindu mythology people cremated at this ghat receive 'moksha', referring to be liberated from the cycle of rebirth.


The city is situated near the Bay of Bengal Sea. It is a mythological place. Place of Lord Jagannath. Lord Jagannath temple is situated in this place. Also, many temples are there to see. According to Hinduism, it is a one of Dham between four Dham. We can get moksha by travelling to these four Dhams, which means you get freedom from life cycle.


Rameshwaram temple is situated at Ramanathpuram district in Tamil Nadu. Being situated in Rameshwaram the temple is popularly known as Rameshwaram temple. You can reach here via Pamban Bridge which is very enjoyable. Every day many people go there from any corner of our country. The feature of the temple is very nice.