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Falling in love with cities

Falling in love with cities

If you reside in metro cities like Delhi or Mumbai and literally tired with the madness and hustling bursting of big cities. Then I think it is the time that you need a holiday. This winter vacations let’s discover some beaches and mountains, remote villages and small places and experiencing village life and small town happiness.

In this article we are going to discover two cities, vastly different in nature and history, miles apart from each other in distance and temperament.


Mysore with its grand palaces and beautiful gardens could not be missed for historical and cultural reasons and Vishakhpatnam because of its proximity to the Buddhist trail in coastal Andhra Pradesh. The city had a certain charm to it, where the old art and culture of the Wadeyars and the British is still alive. The people are nice, the food is excellent, and it was a pleasure walking around Mysore exploring the markets and history. Apart from the regal splendour of the Mysore palace and the abundance of amazing art in the museums, Mysore as a city itself left you happy and fulfilled.


This beach front coastal city in Northern Andhra Pradesh, and an important trading post. There is only one way to describe Vizag, at it is more popularly called, and that is ‘weirdly cool’. With its long sea front promenade that is filled with funky statues and odd looking sculptures (at one point there is a incredibly large gorilla holding an ice cream cone), tree lined avenues, superb food and air of coolness about it, Vizag made us feel very comfortable and welcome. It is a great tier two city, to navigate and enjoy, with its easy pace and plenty of attractions both in and around the city. The superb submarine museum, which is an old retired submarine made into a museum, allows you to wander inside and understand the life of people who live at sea for days on end. Cities are amazing creatures, large and bustling they have a life of their own, moving in all directions and engulfing everything in its path. Energetic and full of life, they can sometimes leave one exhausted and running for open spaces and greener pastures. However places like Mysore and Vizag, with an easy coolness about them, leave one with pleasant memories and a renewed hope that perhaps cities in India can evolve differently.

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