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Give Your Home a Festival Makeover!!!

Give Your Home a Festival Makeover!!!

Deewali is the festival of lights, sweets, glamour and the most importantly a celebration of good over the evil. But this is also the call of cleaning your house. As we all know in India it is compulsory to clean your house on Deewali. According to old saying that the Goodness of Laxmi only goes in to clean houses.  On this Deewali apart from cleaning let’s give our house a festive look by adding some things.

Go woody

There's a certain timelessness and grace to wood. Whether you use wood on floors, room walls, it adds character to your home. If you are looking at giving your home a serious festive upgrade now - go woody.

Go for a centrepiece

An attractive centrepiece on your coffee table or dining room table is an easy way to make a big impact. You could keep a candle-stand or an elaborate flower vase. You could also add festive touches to the centrepiece with antique lamps or vases and place a mirror at the back

Scented candles

Everyone is in love with scented candles for their homes. Do you like the smell of forests or a jasmine fragrance? Light the candle only for half an hour in the morning and evening, as the fragrance is quite concentrated. The chemistry of smell will make you feel happier and lighter. You can go for organic candles. Or use an orange peel, add oil and light the flame. You can also use a coconut shell as a candle.

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