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God’s Own Country 'Kerala' Welcomes You!!!

God’s Own Country 'Kerala' Welcomes You!!!

We all need a break from our day to day life. Holidays works like a medicine for everyone and for every relationship. A short trip with your loved ones energizes you and fills you with some liveliness so that you can perform better in your work and daily routine of life.

Let me take you to the God’s Own Country 'Kerala', Kerala is blessed with out-of-this-world natural landscapes and a wealth of natural resources. Thanks to its location at the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent, the beaches touching the state make for an especially romantic ambiance at night.


Munnar is just the place for you. It gives you the glimpse of Kerala’s idyllic life. Let me tell you that it is not busy hill stations, this one is perfect for the seekers of solitude. Mountain lakes, spice plantations, hiking trails, postcard-like tea estates, people with grins that stretch from ear to ear and meadows that can have anything from freely-roaming elephants to a bunch of crackling monkeys—this and more is Munnar for you.


If you are a nature lover like me then Wayanad is a right place for you. Lush green hills and plenty of fresh air to breathe in are the attraction of this place.This place is perfect for those who like to travel the world for the love of nothing but pure scenery and spend ample of time in the tranquility of such a place. You can do many activities here like bike riding, boating, tracking. After exploring the length and breadth of this place, travelers can actually take a day or two to check out some interesting destinations around, which include popular places like Ooty, Kannur, Mysore.


I think it has to be on your travel bucket list while preparing the Kerala Itinerary. One of the biggest reasons for this is that this quaint city has everything that makes Kerala one of the most popular travel destinations in the country. While the beautiful Vembanad Lake serves the purpose of the backwater charm (enjoyed best on houseboats) along with the hosting of the famous Nehru Boat Race, the bird sanctuary brings out the best of flora and fauna available in the region. You can also see waterfalls, trekking spots, beaches, and acres of plantations add to the natural beauty of the place.

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