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Kashmir the Real Paradise on Earth

Kashmir the Real Paradise on Earth

Kashmir is the real paradise on earth. Whenever we talk about Kashmir you start felling some warm, fuzzy feeling that nearing of Christmas brings. Or perhaps, warmer than that; for Kashmir is sheer magic, a miracle that’s intricately planned by nature. The very waters of these are considered sacred by the Kashmiris, and polluting the water in any form is prohibited. A must-visit for nature lovers and anyone craving solitude, these lakes in Kashmir will make you go wow with the sheer beauty of them.


Tarsar Lake

The Tarsar Lake lies on Tarsar-Marsar trek in Kashmir. The trail for this multi-day trek begins from the pretty village of Aru (2410 m) and continues past the conifer forest and gorgeous meadows to Lidderwat (3100 m). Another day’s trek makes you reach the camping ground of Sekhwas; from there Tarsar Lake (3900 m) is only a 5-6 km trek away. There is a small ascent to reach this beautiful glacial lake with stunning views of Kolahoi Peak on the walk. There is a camping site close to the lake; and around evening, the water of the lake appears to shine like diamonds wherever the sunlight falls. Himalayan wind causes ripples on the water and makes it an all the more memorable experience to walk on the fringes of the lake amidst lush greenery.

Vishansar Lake

This is the first lake that welcomes the trekker on the popular Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. The trail begins from close to Sonamarg and passes through a silver birch forest to reach Nichnai. The next day starts with making the long ascent to cross the Nichnai Pass (4100 m) before descending gradually to reach the camping site close to Vishansar lake. The weather is nice and warm when the sun is out and many colours can be seen in the lake. It is surrounded by mountains and gives a chance to click picture perfect photographs; with some luck, you might even find flocks of sheep grazing by the lake for that straight-out-of-movies look.

Kishansar Lake

After starting the day at Vishansar Lake, one climbs the meadows enroute and ascends for a short time to reach Kishansar Lake. The whole region is dotted with a dazzling array of wildflowers and the water of Kishansar Lake appears a dark shade of green as you pass the lake. Reflections of the towering mountains are perfect in the placid and still waters of the lake. The locals suggest an abundance of trout fishes in both Vishansar and Kishansar lakes, but a permit from the local fishing inspector is required for angling. There is a small stream that drains water from Kishansar Lake, flowing down to the Vishansar Lake. It is a mesmerising scene to click trekkers and herds of sheep with the spectacular background of these alpine lakes.

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