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Missing Paradise Of Nature COORG

 Missing Paradise Of Nature COORG

Undoubtedly Coorg is a place that features somewhere right at the top of the list in India. Morning Person can enjoy the beauty of nature. More over when it comes to the interesting things to do in Coorg. It is, indeed, one of the most stunning hill stations in south India. The Mesmerising natural beauty ,breathtaking  views, lush green landscape  flow waterfalls and a landscape that can inspire the writers, poets and painters, the quaint hill town of Coorg has been attracting travellers in huge numbers not only from different parts of the country but from other parts of the world as well.


A Paradise for Adventure Lovers:

Apart from the most beautiful hill station in India. Where you can admire wild beauty of nature, and can relax and soak in the lap of nature destination, the place provides a wide range of things for a traveller to do. Right from making your flying dream come true to providing enough opportunities for adventure lovers including rock climbing, water rappelling, river rafting and a lot more, Coorg has all of that goodness that make a traveller happy.


Coorg is one of those very few destinations in India which is home to these really interesting adventure activities. A truly unforgettable experience to add to your travel diaries, the microlight flying machine allows you to fly at an altitude of as high as 5,000 ft and offers some of the most stunning aerial views of Coorg.


River rafting is an activity you just can’t afford to miss out on when you are in Coorg. Starting from the nearby region of Barapole, the rafting expedition is both thrilling and at the same time an amazing one, thanks to the beautiful sights one gets during the activity.


Personally I think you should not miss this activity. In Coorg you will find numerous coffee plantations. While these coffee plantations looks superbly pleasing to the eyes from a distance, getting to walk on them is an experience every traveller would like to add to their lives One of the best things of the plantation walk is that you can actually witness coffee plucking in progress, and if you are lucky enough, you can get the chance to experience a coffee tasting session.