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Pros and Cons Of these Beauty products

Pros and Cons Of these Beauty products

Beauty market is bursting with many beauty products. You will find Primers, foundation, shampoos, lipstick, petroleum jelly and many more products in the market. Unfortunately many ladies are using them without knowing the pros and cons of these products. We always see the high-quality side of the product even beauty parlours never revel the harmful effect of these products. In this article we will tell you sinister side of these well-liked and frequently use beauty products.


While many primers are water-based, most are made of silicone. It can clog your pores, especially if kept on for hours on end and this can lead to breakouts. Keep your primer use limited to days when you really need it. Also, wash off well.

Petroleum Jelly

From using it for chapped lips to removing make-up, petroleum jelly is a popular beauty aid. But here's the flip: petroleum jelly does not get absorbed by our skin. Instead, it forms a barrier that keeps moisture locked into our skin, and doesn't allow any more moisture to penetrate either, making our skin drier than before. Use it only in major cases of dryness or irritation.

Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipsticks can be drying for your lips. First, use a moisturising or gentle remover (like coconut oil) to take it off. Second, if you've been wearing it for a long time, give your lips a break for a day or two, and use a balm to keep them moisturised.

Nail strengtheners

Nail strengtheners have the ability to harden your nails, but its overuse can cause your nails to turn too brittle and often, break. So, if you've been using a nail hardener and have found a significant change in your nail texture, maybe it's time to give it a break. Let them breathe, and clean and moisturise them well.