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This is the Reason Why College Students Prefer Smartphones Over iPads and Tablets!

This is the Reason Why College Students Prefer Smartphones Over iPads and Tablets!

Today the market is filled with various technologically sound gadgets like iPads, iPods, tablets, phones and more which not only serves the purpose of studies as well as entertainment. Though each and every gizmo is better in one or the other aspect from each other, however, we all have to agree on the point that smartphones hold a place in a student's life which just cannot be taken over by any other gadget, no matter how good it is! 

A known company’s analytical studies stated that college students prefer smartphones 90% over iPads and tablets. But what is the possible reason?

According to the surveys of different companies from 2009 to 2016 cell phones are much preferred because of the following reasons...

cellphone in the pocket

They are Handy!

The most obvious reason for smartphone's win over iPads are their handy nature. You could travel anywhere with a Smartphone in your pocket, while it is difficult to carry an iPad. Smartphone are generally smaller in size as compared to iPad. It can be easily carried to different place and could be kept in our pocket while not in use.

iPad and Tablet requires proper care and handling then a Smartphone.

smartphone carried anywhere

Reliability does Matters!

The biggest difference that makes students think twice before having iPads over smartphones are their high cost.

Also smartphones offers all the stuff needed by a college going student. They could download different apps which is also a very easy going process.

frusted man from an ipad

Engagement is the Key Factor!

Another reason for students inclination for smartphones over ipad is due to the drastic innovation made by the companies to attract the buyers!

The engaging social platforms in cell phone such as instagram,snapchat etc attracts the attention of people, specially the youngsters.