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Some Valuable tips to become more comfortable with New School Atmosphere

Some Valuable tips to become more comfortable with New School Atmosphere

I think many of us face this problem in our school days. Nothing could me scarier to leave your favrouite teacher and your bestfriends.
Of course, this can feel creepy, for both the mums and the children. The age of your children at the time and their personality will also affect how big the impact will be. We can’t change our life. We have to move some time for many reasons. But we can handle this problem with these useful advices.


Choose your new school wisely

This one requires thorough research of the schooling system in your new host country. Public or private? It really depends on the quality of the public system and your own preference. Public schools offer a deeper language immersion, which in the long run will promote integration and identification to the new country. A private or international school, if you can afford it, provides an opportunity to learn the local language at a more gentle pace. The cultural shock will probably be less dramatic if the kids can at least communicate in one of the languages of the international school.

Visit the school before the start of the year

Try to visit the school before the start of the year, when it’s nice and quiet. That way the kids will have the time to explore and familiarise with the surroundings at their own pace. Let them play for a little while and let them see that the school is actually filled with fun stuff to do! Meeting the teacher/s is also a great idea, if at all possible.

Get ready for some tears

Most kids will experience some degree of anxiety when a change as big as this happens in their life. Sometimes it won’t hit immediately, but only after the rush of the first few days and the novelty fade out. You can expect them to have a few tough weeks at the beginning. It can be longer or shorter, of course, but only a cause for concern if they’re still unhappy after several months.

Let them take a transitional object with them

Depending on how old your kids are, they still may have some sort of lovey or comfort toy that provides them psychological comfort. These objects are particularly useful when the kids are faced with unusual situations.