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Want to relax? Visit the spa and pamper yourself

Want to relax? Visit the spa and pamper yourself

It is always good to pamper yourself; particularly when you are in a groove, fed up, stressed and feeling low. Gifting yourself a beauty treatment will lift your mood instantly and make you feel special.  I think there's nothing more soothing to the senses than going for a facial or a hair makeover.

Go for a hot oil hair massages

The perfect way to release stress, hot-oil treatment works wonders for your hair as well. A weekly hot-oil therapy reduces hair loss and dandruff also.

Swedish massage

A full-body massage, it has five styles of long, flowing strokes. This massage is beneficial for increasing oxygen levels in your blood, decreasing muscle tension, improving flexibility and circulation, and also easing tension.

Hair makeover

it’s one of the best ways to perk yourself up. If you have short hair, make it shorter or add hair extensions. If you have long hair, add more layers to it or simply cut it short.

Back and foot massage

If you've been feeling tired lately, go in for a back or foot massage. It involves pressure therapy — that is, applying focussed pressure on certain reflex points in your foot to cure or prevent diseases. This helps release stress, aches and also nourishes your skin.

Relax and Rejuvenate your Dull skin

Look bold and Beautiful at 40