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5 Beautiful Actresses Who Gave Their Heart To Underworld Dons

5 Beautiful Actresses Who Gave Their Heart To Underworld Dons

The way Bollywood and Cricket have been associated for years, there have been relationships between Bollywood and underworld too.

We are saying this because sometimes we get to hear that this actor is threatened by underworld don for protection money. Moreover, there is also talk of having a love connection between them. There have been many Bollywood actresses who have given their hearts to the underworld don.

Today we are going to tell you about five Bollywood's heroines who loved underworld don.

1- Monika Bedi and Abu Salem

Gangster Abu Salem was sentenced to life imprisonment for the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case. Abu Salem had a close relationship with Bollywood. Underworld don Abu Salem and Bollywood actress Monika Bedi have been in love for years. Abu also claimed that in 2000, he got married to Monica in a mosque in Los Angeles, but Monica denied that. It is said that the relationship of both of them ended in the year 2007.

2- Mandakini and Dawood Ibrahim

Apart from Monica Bedi, the name of the late actress Mandakini has also been associated with Underworld don. It is said that Mandakini was in the limelight due to closeness with Dawood. Everyone was aware of the relationship between Mandakini and Dawood, but when Dawood became underground, Mandakini also got away from him and got settled in her life by marrying someone else.

3- Mamta Kulkarni and Vikram Goswami

Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni had a good film career but she disappeared from all the movies and then her name was associated with the drug mafia Vikram Goswami. It is said that after making the distance from Glamour World, Mamta married Vikram Goswami and started helping him in the illegal trade of drugs.

4- Anita Ayub and Dawood Ibrahim

In addition to Bollywood actress Mandakini, Pakistani actress Anita Ayub also gave her heart to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. It is said that producer Javed Siddiqui, who refused to take Anita in his film, was fired on Dawood's order.

5- Sona and Haji Mastan

Although Sona was a B-grade heroine, her face resembled popular and beautiful actress Madhubala. Sona gave her heart to gangster Haji Mastan and got married to him. In the film 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbai', Kangana Ranaut played Sona's character on the screen. . . ALSO READ:

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