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7 Reasons Why Your Dad Is Your Best Friend

7 Reasons Why Your Dad Is Your Best Friend

It is said that a mother is the best friend of her children and because of the mother only children can learn good habits and do everything. In such a situation, nobody talks about the father, but today we have brought a video which shows that a father also can be the best friend and great father of his child and without him the child is nothing. In the videos, seven reasons are given that describe the bond between a father and his son. When a child has a problem relating to cycling, then he calls his papa when he wants to see the match, he says to the father, even if he wants to make a tie, he calls his father.

There are many such things for which the child reaches to his father, not the mother because mother often does not help in those things. The same is shown in this video, let you know that this video has been uploaded by the YouTube channel FilterCopy and it is very funny and somewhere shows the reality. In this video, Father's role is played by Bollywood Nawab Saif Ali Khan.

Let's see the video: ​​​​​​


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