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A New Born Baby Embrace Her Mother

A New Born Baby Embrace Her Mother

It is not easy to describe the relationship between a mother and her child. Their relationship is way purer and can't be described in words even not a mother herself. If a mother is asked what relationship between you and your child is, then she will hardly be able to speak it in words. For her mother, she is blessed with everything. The relationship between mother and her child is very big in any relationship. The child's relationship with his mother starts when he gets birth, but for a mother, it is before the birth of her child, it is nine months more from the birth of the child. 

In such a situation, a mother feels like giving birth to her child, feeling of raising her, crying, laughing at her, she keeps all the feelings in her mind. That is very special for her. In this way, a recent video is being viral, which is showing us this feeling. Actually, this video is about a newborn baby who is looking to embrace her mother.

Yes, let me tell you that this video is from the Santa Monica Hospital in Brazil, where everyone is amazed at what happened. Here, when the doctors brought Agassi Ribeiro Coelho, a baby born with Caesarean to her mother, this girl grabbed the face of her mother, name Brenda Coelho de Souza, and as soon as the doctors tried to rescue her, she started crying and did not go away. It was a unique scene that was recorded in the camera and today we all are able to see it.

So, watch this video.


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