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A School That Charges 20 Lakhs To Teach Etiquette

A School That Charges 20 Lakhs To Teach Etiquette

Manners and Etiquettes are the way of living, prevailing customs and the habits of people that should be followed by everyone. If you think that only ordinary people need to learn manners or etiquette, and children of big houses get this legacy, then you are thinking completely wrong.

There is a special school in Switzerland, the courtesy school of the Royal Dynasty - where etiquettes are taught to the daughters of the royal dynasty, not to the common people.

Shahi Dynasty's Etiquette School - It is the only school in the world: Until several years ago there were many schools in Switzerland where etiquette was taught, but now only the Finishing school Institute Villa Pirfiu is left. It involves teaching the methods of eating, drinking, talking, walking and living. The last remaining school, the Institute Villa Pirfei Etiquettes is left where princesses have learned etiquettes. 


Etiquettes of many countries are the subject of the course here:

In this class, the waiters teach the students to serve food from the serving bowl and note that the serving bowl is towards the table. On the same side, this school gives training to its students keeping in mind the culture, etiquette, protocol of 20 different countries. 

You will be stunned to know the fees of this school:

More than 20 lakh rupees for a six-week course is charged by this school. Students studying here are from 18 to 50 years of age. From Professionals to Businesswoman, Doctor to House Wife, every girl from Royal family get training from here. Britain's Late Princess Diana was a student of Finishing School.

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A School That Charges 20 Lakhs To Teach Etiquette