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Corole Harlock Has The Strongest Uterus In The World

Corole Harlock Has The Strongest Uterus In The World


If you are asked, how many children, a woman can give birth to in 20 years, you will usually say 3 or 4 but have you ever heard that a woman can give birth to 15 children in 20 years. 

Actually today we are talking about a UK-based Carole Harlock, who is 49 years old, and Carole is also the mother of 16 children with her two children. Along with this, she is considered to have the world's strongest uterus.


Actually, this lady is a professional surrogate mother and has so far born 15 children. Besides, she is going to give birth to the 16th child. According to information, Carole says that she had complained of blood pressure some time before, after which doctors had advised her not to get pregnant again.

Even then she had to help the people. That is why Carole says that she does not care for her health and that she will be born child with Caesarean manner. Let's say that for the last 20 years, Carole has given birth to 13 children. Apart from these, she has two daughters, who are now 24 and 21 years old.