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Don't Let These Things Become Your Habit

Don't Let These Things Become Your Habit

Some habits are healthy while some not but there are also some habits that are moving you towards the death. Don't get shocked, it's a reality. There are some things that their habit can kill you.

So, before making these following described things your habit, think hundred times. 

Postpone peeing:

Never avoid nature's call. If you're are doing so, stop it right now as it causes bacteria and in urine bladder.

Excess consumption of Salt:

If you're eating too much of Salt, effect your kidney and also causes high blood pressure.

Alcohal consumption in excessive amount:

Deposition of Uric acid in renal tubules lead to kidney failure and this happens due to too much of Alcohol.

Eating Meat too much:

Meat contains high amount of protein and load of protein damage kidney.