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Make you’re Halloween Party a Gastronomic Affair too

Make you’re Halloween Party a Gastronomic Affair too

Halloween is round the corner. Everyone is planning to dress up something scary on the Ghost day. But Halloween party is not all about dress, dance and scary props. The food is the integral part of any party it should depict  the party mood and  theme as well. Here we come up with lots of Halloween food ideas which might look scary but will defiantly treat your taste buds.


Candy Corn on the Cob

Mold rice-cereal-treat mixture into triangular candy-corn shapes. Press a pretzel rod into each one, and “glue” it in place with melted white chocolate. Freeze until the chocolate hardens. Spread a layer of melted white chocolate over the treat. Spoon rows of white, orange and yellow sprinkles on top. Freeze until ready to serve.

Pumpkin Patch

Slice premade chocolate cupcakes horizontally into 3 pieces. Layer cakes and orange frosting inside an 8-oz mason jar. Top with chocolate sprinkles.

Eyes of Newt

Add green food colouring to your favourite deviled-egg recipe. Decorate with an olive slice and red food-decorating gel

Chocolate's Web

Arrange thin pretzel sticks in a starburst shape on a baking sheet. Place a spoonful of melted white chocolate in the centre of the star to seal the sticks together. Drizzle the chocolate around the sticks to create the web. Place 2 raisins in the centre, and cover with melted milk chocolate to form the spider. Freeze until chocolate hardens