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'मर्दानी' गर्ल रानी मुखर्जी ने करवाया हॉट फोटोशूट, जल्द करने वाली है कमबैक

Rani Mukherji new photoshoot viral on instagram

बॉलीवुड की दबंग गर्ल कहीं जाने वाली रानी मुखर्जी ने अभी हाल ही में एक फोटोशूट करवया है। जिसमे वे काफी बोल्ड और हॉट नजर आई है। इन तस्वीरों को रानी ने अपने इंस्टाग्राम अकाउंट पर शेयर करते हुए लिखा है New photoshoot after the post-Hichki . She's slaying my screen rn , like I'm actually crying . Such beauty, such elegance, SUCH FIERINESS ! Gah thank you @avigowariker and Rani for doing this, it's like she hasn't aged after having Adira . She's actually making me cry with happiness (scroll to see my edited version of the pic) 

इस फोटोशूट में रानी ने ब्लैक ड्रेस पहनी है जिसमे वे बहुत ही गॉर्जियस लग रही हैं।

आप सभी को पता हो की वे जल्द ही 'हिचकी' मूवी से फिल्मो में कमबैक कर रहीं है।

बीते दिनों अक्षय कुमार के बर्थडे पर अपनी और अक्षय कुमार की एक तस्वीर शेयर करते हुए रानी ने लिखा था #HappyBirthdayAkshayKumar! Omg, I first watched him in DTPH but as I watched more of his movies I was like ok ok, this guys is legit. And like look at him! He's such a popular old and new actor, I hope he continues to act like SRK (He ain't ever gonna stop). And like I wish Rani and him would sign a movie together, I really find it hard to believe that she and Akshay haven't! SPEAKING OF WHICH, Rani has been contacted by the crew of Malang and asked to sign the movie with Sanjay. It would be about two cops who fall in love. I REALLY HOPE RANI SAYS CAUSE THATLL MEAN A NEW JODI BETWEEN HER AND SANJAY AND LIKE WE'LL HAVE MORE TO LOOK FORWARD TO!

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