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An Insider's View: What Does Film Industry Want From Strugglers, Talent or Money?

An Insider's View: What Does Film Industry Want From Strugglers, Talent or Money?


Let me clear you first, I m not gonna talk about casting couch or other problems that struggling actors or actresses face just to get a chance in Bollywood. In this Article, I will get you a clear picture of the reality faced by every struggler (including me) to achieve that stardom which we dream of. Because The truth is always bitter!

It's a harsh reality,  but in a country with thousands of art admirers and with the existence of cinema dated back to 1913, it's difficult to accept the film industry prefers business over seeking talent and money over a deserving candidate. What I experienced in Mumbai as a struggler is totally different from my expectation.



What I thought before heading towards Mumbai is I just have to give my best in acting and struggle with the daily life in Mumbai. As simple as that?  No! not at all.. you will to interested to know that The film industry does not work on this formula. In Mumbai, there are a number of production houses or I can say a number of shops where you can buy any role by just giving the accurate amount required (here I'm talking for male actors only). In fact, I heard most of the casting directors saying that Talent valent se kuch nahi hota rokda kitna de sakte ho ye batao ?

Even though there are a number of artist associations there to protect and fight for the rights of artists, but they work only when you are working for some production house.There is not any association or entity to help the strugglers of being exploited by these cheap money-seeking and corrupt so-called casting directors.

So my little piece of advice would be- The next time when you dream of making a career in Bollywood. Think twice! And also if you feel the same as I do then do comment about your experience.

nawazuddin siddiqui

Hope you still feel motivated...