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Some Golden Rules for Long And Beautiful Hair!!!

Some Golden Rules for Long And Beautiful Hair!!!

Long Beautiful hair can add more beauty and charm to your personality. But we all know that it needs a lot of maintenance and care. Making a commitment with long hair requires extra TLC. From breakage, split ends to thinning, long hair is prone to many such risks. Having said that, there are a number of things you should take care of. From towel-drying to weekly treatments, In this article, we will tell some golden rules you need to follow for lengthy locks.

Combing Wet Hair

I think this is the biggest mistake. Combing wet hair can cause breakage. Towel-dry your hair first and then use a smoothening cream or a detangling spray. Ease out the knots using a wide-tooth comb. When combing, always start from roots, this causes less breakage and pulling.

Long hair Is Prone to Tangles:

Regular brushing can help to avoid larger knots, Use a paddle brush to easily remove snarls.

 Don’t wash Your Hair Everyday

Break this myth that washing hair everyday is good. This is the biggest hair mistakes. This can strip off hair's natural oils and result in dull and dry locks. Try to limit the washes to 2-3 times a week.

Use Conditioner

After every wash you should apply hair conditioner. According to the hair experts, you should not skip the conditioner. Conditioning will keep your hair hydrated and smooth, which means fewer tangles and less frizz.