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SRK: The Perfect Family Man

SRK: The Perfect Family Man

This article is for SRK lovers. Though his recent films didn’t work on box-office.  But still, his fans always love him like anything. We appreciate him, love him in reel life and in real life as well.

Today we will find out some of his best qualities as a perfect family man.

 A Perfect Husband

Believe me every girl  wants a man like Shah Rukh Khan. He is love of millions and women die to have a husband like him.The reason behind that is his strong Shah Rukh married the love of his life and the two have stayed put by each other's side through thick and thin. Their wonderful companionship makes Gauri and SRK one of the most pleasant couples in this industry.He is the loving and faithful husband who is always there when his wife desires him. 

His pledge to family & family values:

In malice of being one of the most successful actors of the Indian film industry and the second richest actor in the world, But Shah Rukh Khan  always try to make some  time for his family and is extremely caring and protective about them.

A wonderful Father

Shahrukh is also a devoted father who makes sure that his children get all his love and attention and makes sure that they stay away from unnecessary media attention. In fact, in a interview Gauri said that SRK is the perfect father and their youngest son AbRam is the centre of their universe. I remember one of his interview hosted by Preeti Zinta he said that if he is not working he always stay at home with his children. They are a very close knit family and SRK has family value imbibed in him since he was a child.