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Story Of Every Engineering Student

Story Of Every Engineering Student

In today's time, all the students are very fond of engineering, which is why they want to become an engineer because the engineer has a different identity and has a different status in society. But in today's time, they have no value and there is no guarantee that they will pass. Engineering students often start with the first year and stay in the first year.

Yes, every year they get back and remain in the same class and the same his is being shown in this video. Often, many videos are uploaded on social sites, which are of different types, some very funny, some very dirty but this video shows what happens actually.

Nowadays, many funny videos are becoming viral about engineering, of which it is one. This video shows how children of engineering have a life. Please let us know that this video is uploaded by YouTube channel Aashqeen. Let's tell you that this video has been seen by 277,279 people so far and has been liked by many people. It is quite exciting and funny.

Watch the video below:


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