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The Officials Of France Has Opened A Nudist Park

The Officials Of France Has Opened A Nudist Park

In France, people have the freedom to become nude in the public place. However, some special place has been set for it. The people of France probably do not like to wear clothes, that is why these people enjoy putting off their clothes everywhere. But here is a good news for France's Nudists people. 

In fact, a special kind of Nudist Park has been opened in France where people will have the freedom to roam without their clothes. A housseau of public park Bois de Vincennes has been made a nude park by city officials. Here you can either wear clothes or do not wear clothes.

However, there will be strict observation on the people here. If any person is found doing anti-social acts here, he can be punished. There will be strict scrutiny on all the people here. Let me tell you that this time the park has just been opened as an experiment. Later on, its future will be decided. The park has area more than a football ground.


The park is open from 8 a.m. to about 7:30 in the evening. Tell you that there are trends of being nude in public places in many western countries. There are also many nude beaches here where people roam freely without wearing clothes.