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Video: Things People Forget Often

Video: Things People Forget Often

Many times it happens to us that we forget a lot of things in a hurry. As we sometimes put mobile on charging but forget about switching on. Apart from this, many times we forget our special one's birthday and take a cake for his birthday the day before or after. 

There are many such things happens with us that we forget and we do not remember at all. When we remember such forgotten things, it becomes too late to realize things. In the video we have taken today, it has been told that how many times we forget many important things which we should not forget.

This video has been uploaded by the YouTube channel The Screen Patti and it is very funny. This video has so far received 4,20,668 views and it is also becoming viral fast, people are also liking it. The reason for its liking is that this video is made in reality, often these events happen with us which we never want.

Have a look at the video of Screen Patti "Things People Forget Often" below:

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