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What Happens When An Engineer Insults A Villager

What Happens When An Engineer Insults A Villager

We all have been seeing that whenever a boy insults or make fun of another boy, the boy feels very bad and then decides to show that person by achieving greatly in the life. In the last, it happens that the boy who got insulted becomes a successful person and the boy who made fun of that boy reaches nowhere. We have seen this in many television shows and movies. But something different is shown in the video which we have brought today.

In this video, two boys who are studying engineering and one village boy who is studying nothing are shown. When these three boys meet, the two engineering boys insult the village boy and at that time, the village boy decides to beat them by becoming a big man in life.

Now you can not imagine what happens after this. Let's see in the video. Let me tell you that this video has been uploaded by the YouTube channel Elvish Yadav and it has received 243,256 views so far and it is also getting viral very fast.

So why to take time to see this video.



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