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What People Of Old generation Think About One Night Stand?

What People Of Old generation Think About One Night Stand?

The YouTube channel Scoopwhoop which has 857,228 subscribers has recently released a video about the trend of today's time. There is a lot of difference between today's generation and earlier generation. Often all of us have seen that today's generation does not take anything more serious, they take everything in jokes or in a natural way. But the case is different for earlier generation people. For them, everything is serious even the things that are the joke, they also take those things seriously.

Today, we are talking about One Night Stand. Yes, one night stand which is quite normal in the time of nowadays, but it was not in earlier time. It was a very uncommon and next to impossible thing.

In this regard, when the Old Generation people who are on their morning walk when asked about the same that is it wrong or right, see what they have to say. Let's tell you that this video has received 67,596 views and uploaded it by YouTube Channel ScoopWhoop.

So, Let's see this video of ScoopWhoop.


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