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7 Facts about Republic Day Of India that You Should Know, But Don't!

7 Facts about Republic Day Of India that You Should Know, But Don't!

January 26, 1950, is marked as a very remarkable day in the history of India, needless to say, it's the day when our constitution came into existence! Today after 67 long years from the first Republic Day of India we are 1,264 billion in number with the utmost amount of pride and love for the country that we can!  

Though, January 26 marks as a very important date for our country however sadly there are very few things that we know concerning this big day! Besides being one of the largest document in the world, there is almost everything fascination about how the Indian constitution come into force, more than six decades ago. Starting from, how long the drafting of Indian constitution took to who played the most imperative role in its formulation, there are so many facts that you must know being a citizen of this country however yet you have no clue of! 

So, here we are to let you know seven very much interesting facts about Indian Constitution (Republic Day) that you should have known before... But it's never too late to gather knowledge, especially when it's about our Country! So Go Ahead and Thank us Later...

1. India waited for almost 2.5 years to have its constitution

2. The framing of constitution took 2 years, 11 months and 8 days to be precise

3. India has only two original copy of constitution written in two languages English and Hindi! Also both are handwritten

4. British named Indian Air Force as, The Royal Air Force but Royal word was dropped in 1950