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Diet according to your Blood group

Diet according to your Blood group

Before you start your weight loss journey you need to know your blood grope for better and healthy results. This is because of types of food you eat reacts chemically with your blood and impact your overall body. Following a diet designed according to your blood type not only helps in proper digestion of food but also to maintain an ideal weight.


For type O blood

For O blood type, your diet should be protein enriched. You could eat poultry, fish, lean meat, vegetables, grains, dairy products and beans. Eat green leafy vegetables. People with O blood type might face stomach related issues; hence they should consult a health expert if problem persists

For type A blood

People with A blood group usually have a sensitive immune system. Hence, it is recommended to avoid meat based foods and rely on organic foods. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes and beans and whole grains. The fresh and healthy foods will help in improving your immunity.

For type B blood

Again for this category, green vegetables, eggs and low-fat dairy is recommended. People who have B blood group should avoid eating corns, lentils, tomatoes, buckwheat, peanuts and sesame seeds. As type B blood people have poor metabolism, these foods could affect the metabolic process. This may result in fatigue, hypoglycemia (a severe drop in blood sugar after eating a meal) and fluid retention.

For type AB blood

This is the blood group that should focus on eating tofu, green vegetables, seafood and dairy products. People with AB blood group tend to have low stomach acid. Hence, should refrain from caffeine, smoking, alcohol and cured meats.