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Good Sleep - It also can be a key to success

Good Sleep - It also can be a key to success

A peaceful sleep is very important for our mind and body. A person needs to have a good sleep so that he or she can be energised again for the next full day. There are few things have to be kept in mind so that you can have peaceful sleep. A person can live without food for several days but he cannot survive a weak without sleep.  Had a bad night’s sleep? You’re not alone. According to sleep expert, Dr Michael Breus, sleep deprivation is an epidemic affecting every organ system and disease state in our body.

When you haven’t slept properly you feel more pain, find it harder to lose weight and exercise, it affects your moods, mental health.


1. Stick to one sleep schedule — go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. The time you wake up is the most important factor in your sleep cycle. 2. Stop your caffeine intake by 2pm 3. No alcohol within three hours of bedtime 4. Exercise for 20 minutes per day 5. Get outside into the sunshine for 15 minutes every morning to regulate the production of melatonin — the sleep hormone.


You can sleep naked, as this will keep the body cooler. If you wear clothes/pyjamas, definitely change these up based on the season. For women in particular, they can wear moisture wicking textiles that remove sweat, which is good for women menstruating or going through menopause.


Support — this is different from comfort, it’s the foundation layer that helps keep the body and head aligned. The Princess Cruises bed uses individually pocketed coils to reduce motion transfer (when your partner moves in bed). Comfort — the aim of comfort is to help the body relax. Pillows — there are two different kinds of pillows on-board. A thick one for those who sleep on their side and a thin one for those who sleep on their back and stomach. Pillows need to keep the head aligned with the spine in a 360 degree way — the ears need to be in line with the shoulders. Sheets — choose materials that allow for air movement and thermo regulation as sleep follows a core body temperature rhythm.

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