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Interesting Facts About The Bitter Truth Of Life 'Death'

Interesting Facts About The Bitter Truth Of Life 'Death'

Death is the biggest and the most bitter truth of our life. We have to face it some time for sure. But today we are going to tell you the unknown facts associated with death. It is very dangerous to know. After knowing these facts, you will be surprised and shocked at the same time.

- The enzymes present in our stomach eat our stomach's food when we are alive. But as soon as we die even after three days of death, these enzymes still eat left food in our stomach. But as soon as the food present in our stomach is finished. These enzymes begin to eat our body from inside which makes our body hollow from inside.

- Nearly 7,000 deaths occur every year in the world due to the strange handwriting of the doctor.

- More than 100 billion deaths have occurred since the arrival of human beings.

- Every 90 seconds a woman dies during childbirth.