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Types Of Girls At A Tailor Shop

Types Of Girls At A Tailor Shop

There are many types of girls around the world. But one thing that is common in every girl is their Love For Clothes. Some girls love to wear salwar suits, some western dress, some sarees, some shorts, some ethnic wear, some gowns. 

In such cases, the girls who wear the salwar suits have to face a lot of difficulties because they have to get stitched their clothes by the tailor. For that, they have to go to a tailor shop with their long demands of desires. Just like every girl's demand is different, some girls want the design on the neck, while some want short neck kurta and some want deep Neck kurta etc. In such a way, the poor tailor gets tired of this and the same is humorously shown by this video.

This video shows what kind of girls are found during their visit to Taylor to get their suit stitched. Let's see in the video. Let me tell you that this video has been uploaded by the YouTube channel Captain Nick, which is very great and way too funny. In this video, different types of girls have been shown, who have been having strange and different types of demands after going to tailor.

Let me tell you that this video of Captain Nick will be definitely liked by all the girls.


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