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Unseen Romance Of Slave KATAPPA and Queen SHIVGAMI

Unseen Romance Of Slave KATAPPA and Queen SHIVGAMI

Magnum Opus 'Baahubali: The Conclusion' has already broken many records with it's huge success on Box Office and the film is on it's way to set more new records. 

Apart from it's grandness, the one thing which definitely sticks the audience with the film is the question- Why Katappa killed Baahubali? 

Though every character of the movie is a major role in itself, which has come to the top of the film. Similarly, Katappa and Rani Shivgami have a different effect in the film.

But what we are showing you will surely blow your mind. Here we are talking about the romance between Katappa i.e. Satyraj and Shivgami i.e. Ramayya Krishnan which was unseen even in the film.

It's a video which are getting viral on social media in which you can see romance of Katappa and Rani Shivgami. Although these video is in a different language but you will understand the romance between them so that it will know that both are beloved lovers.

Watch the video: