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We All Have That One Friend In Our Friend Circle

We All Have That One Friend In Our Friend Circle

We all have friend circle and some friends in the circle are quite weird. They keep talking all the day and even don't feel tired. There are some who keep silent the whole day and they don't get bored. Some such who always ask for the party at all times, those who say only one thing in the name of the party "You Know My Scene Na," so today in the video we have brought for you, the same friend is shown. The friend to whom other friends when asking for the party, he says only one thing- you know my scene na!

They always try to make excuses and they create many kinds of excuses which are very irrelevant, which you can see in this video. Let's see the video. Please let us know that this video has been uploaded by Be YouNick, YouTube channel and it is very funny and this video has so far received 676,830 views.

Let's see the video and enjoy you.


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