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Bollywood Actresses Who Are Addicted To Alcohol

Bollywood Actresses Who Are Addicted To Alcohol

Every happening in Bollywood is so obvious that we all are awarded of this and we won't get shocked after knowing something new. Today we are talking about Bollywood actresses only.

There are many actresses who have a very bad addiction of alcohol and because of which they have to be ashamed in front of the media several times.

Let's see who are these actresses.


Sushmita Sen

Sushmita is not now, but yes earlier she was very addicted to alcohol.

Tragedy Queen Meena Kumari

It is said that the reason for Mina's death was alcohol. So you can think of her addiction to alcohal.


We are talking about veteran actress Rakh. She had very bad addiction of alcohol.

Amisha Patel

Ameesha is loved by all because of her good acting and her looks, but she is also known for her alcohol addiction.