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Bring Your Doggies To Get Their Paws Wild & Wet

Bring Your Doggies To Get Their Paws Wild & Wet

Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area's historic team Invited Dog Surfers and their Human marrow to join Dog Surfing Competitions!

Every year in the California, annual surfing competition is organized for dogs. Many dog lovers arrive here with their pet dogs in this event. The local people get very excited about this event. More recently, this competition was organized and 70 Dogs participated in this surfing competition.

Pet lovers bring their dog:

Different categories of dogs are distributed on this occasion. The category of dogs varies from big dogs to small dogs.

Dudman won the title of the smallest dog:

This time, dog named Dudman won the competition for the smallest category. The highlight of this year's event is that, the winning money will be used for charity.

The money will go to charity:

It is being told that the income from this competition will be donated to an institution that takes care of stray dogs. On this occasion, remote people also come to see dogs surfing.

People also take the fun of surfing:

Not only this, people who reach here do not forget to enjoy surfing with dogs. So, it's fun dog event with their human pals. Isn't it cool!


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