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Create Your Own Dreamy Balcony with Modern Touch

Create Your Own Dreamy Balcony with Modern Touch

The Milestone of English Literature author Shakespeare defines balcony in a beautiful way He Said that Pretty patio furniture, bright flowers, and twinkling lights make up for a great outdoor setting. Really nothing could be more relaxing to have a nice cup of coffee on the beautiful balcony.  In this article, we will give some great tips to create your own dreamy balcony look with a modern twist.


The forest theme

Interior designer, Ayushi Kanodia, says, "One can have a forest themed look for this space. With planters, artificial grass, water feature and some elegant lights will provide your balcony a unique look. This set up shall provide you the Amazonian feel and look."

The raw and exposed look

One can do their balcony by giving it a very raw and exposed look with wild desert plants and industrial lights. This look is not only very functional but at the same time requires very low maintenance from your side. Also, having a barbecue set up in this look will give it a unique experience.

Lounge and sip on your favourite beverage

If one just wants to relax on the balcony, the best way would be having comfy lounge chairs and a coffee table. If one enjoys good drinks and wine, having a good well-stocked bar in the balcony is a good idea. Place some leather bar stools to enjoy the drinks and the view of the night.

Illuminate the space

For illuminating a patio one can go for tall floor length lights on each corner of the patio. One can also have accent hanging lights if there is a roof on the patio. Opt for floor length tall lamps near the seating.

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