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Do You Know From When The Word OKAY Came In Existence?

Do You Know From When The Word OKAY Came In Existence?

People often use the word OKAY in colloquial language. The trend of this word has increased so much that people use this word on talk. We do not know how many times we use the word okay throughout the day, but never thought that what is the history of this word and how it started in practice.

So let's try to know the history of Okay:

Okay is a word that is used most commonly in colloquial language. These words go out on talk of people's tongues. Whether its real meaning is known to anyone or not In fact, if the pages of history are reversed then many stories are said to see the beginning of this word. It is said that in 1839, the introduction of new vocabulary in shot forms began by the writers. So the work Okay which means All Correct was added in the vocab. Apart from this, it is said that this word will be used during the European Civil War. During that time, it used to be a nickname for biscuits. Another story is prevalent on OK's history and its circulation. According to which some people believe that the word of the okay was prevalent during the campaign of eighth President Martin Van Buren of England. It is said that New York's old kindergarten used to be his hometown and which was briefly called Okay, and so he voted for the vote for okay during the election. While many people believe that okay is the currency of only one spirituality and it is a sign of learning currency. In most of the artifacts, God Gautam Buddha has been shown in this posture.