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Exam Hall Stories Through Bollywood Songs

Exam Hall Stories Through Bollywood Songs

We all know what is the condition of children in the time of the exam. Even these days, many college students have been giving exams and many school children are also going to have to face their Quarterly Examinations.

But it is not possible for all children to do the top in studies. Some children are very good at studies but there are some students who are not too good at studies. Also, they have to be dependent on their friends to help them and they want their friends to sit in front of them in the exam so that they can cheat. 

Yes, in such a way, today we have brought a video of Exam Hall that relates to a song from Bollywood. In this video, it has been shown how Bollywood songs suits to students situation in exam Hall. This video has so far received 9,766 views and is uploaded by the YouTube channel BBF.