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Have You Even Been To A Nude Wedding?

Have You Even Been To A Nude Wedding?

Time has changed so as the concept of the wedding. Nowadays weddings are based on themes. Any theme is taken into consideration by the couple and everyone attends the wedding in the same dress code or way according to the theme.

But we have seen such a marriage where the groom and bride both are nude and is getting married. It is very strange to hear about this but it is true and the wedding took place in New Zealand.

It's a Jeff Adams and Sue's wedding. Jeff and Sue decided to get married with such theme in which they get hitched nude.

They invited their family for this​ wedding but the family decided not to attend such type of wedding. But their friends attended the wedding according to the theme of party i.e., they too come nude.

The bride Sue said that she was not comfortable with this way but her husband wanted it.