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See The Different Types Of Indian During Navaratri

See The Different Types Of Indian During Navaratri

We all know that Navaratri is celebrating these days. All the songs of Garba and Mata Rani's songs are playing everywhere. Also, pandals are made everywhere in Navaratri, where Garba is being played for Mother Rani by the girls of all the ages and for foodies, sabudana khichdi is also distributed in every temple. On a ninth day, all the places where girls play Garba distribute gifts to the girls.

In this way, from the day the Navaratri starts, different types of creatures begin to appear, those who fast, those who do not fast, those who play Garba, those who only take bath in the Navaratri. There are many such people are found in Navaratri which is also shown in this video. The video shows how Indian people react during these nine days of Navaratri.

Yes, this video shows which type of people are found in Navaratri and some of them are of very strange nature. Let us know that in this video, different types of people found in Navaratri have been shown. Let's see this interesting video. This video is uploaded by The Timeliners YouTube channel and it has received 946,696 views so far.

Timeliners are known for their amazing, funny, and interesting video. 



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