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Spain: A Vibrant City but Not Very Overwhelming Commercial

Spain: A Vibrant City but Not Very Overwhelming Commercial

Let’s explore great culture and the history of Spain but not without engulfing you in the effervescent Spanish vibe. This place offers you fantastic weather, breathtaking scenic beauty and a great location are just some of the ways we define Alicante. The port city has many reasons to attract a huge crowd every year to its shores. Sun, sea and sand - the three killer combinations that make Alicante a great destination for beach lovers! You can have a quiet experience here at many locations. There are plenty of bars, shops and a number of activities. If you want a piece of Spanish tradition, Art and culture, then you are really in the right place.

Castle of Santa Barabara

The grand castle of Santa Barbara invites you to travel through the marvelous history of Spain and experience the aura of Iberian and Roman empires here. Travelers can feel the history unfold and lay their eyes on some ancient artifacts of the Bronze Age.

Alicante Town Hall- The unmissable landmark

When you are in Alicante you just can’t ignore the chimes of Town hall bells. In every 15 minutes, you can hear its presence while touring the city. This Town hall is one of the greatest examples of 18th century Baroque Architecture. The building has two towers that rise to dizzying heights of 165 feet.

Atalaya Castle

The earlier Muslim rulers put up a great resistance at this watch tower for the longest of time. There is an interior courtyard within the sky-high walls and a second storey. On the second floor, a reproduction of a Khamsa (a popular Muslim and North African image of an open hand) is on display.

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