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Victimising A Girl Or A Women If Makes You Men Than Grow Up! - Must Watch Eye Opener Video

Victimising A Girl OR A Women If Makes You Men Than Grow Up!- Must Watch Eye Opener Video

We Apologise Women! because this is not the place where you belong. You would be frustrated to see the mentality people created in India. It's not a difficult mathematic or Trigo equation that it is hard to simplify, it is there got damn right and you have to respect them. Come on people, we live in the 21st century and its high time you judge a girl on her clothes. She is happy to live the way she wants she is free to do want she wants to and to all the so called irrelevant men out there. If you think victimising a girl or women is what makes you man then please Grow Up!.

India is not your place women sorry for letting you stay here.

I Apologize I'm Sorry