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Follow These Guidelines if you’re moving to another country or city with Kids.

 Follow These Guidelines if you’re moving to another country or city with Kids.

 Moving to another city or county is not easy for adults and for kids too.  Actually it’s more traumatic for children. For the most, children have very little control over changes in their environments. We can handle these situations if we follow some guidelines.


Discuss with Your Child

Discuss aspects the move with your children – for example, how long it will take to pack up your home and how your belongings will be transported. Letting them know some details helps with better mental preparation. Let then say goodbye to their friends. - Start learning about the differences your family may encounter and teach your children to be observant and respectful of these differences. Talk about what the weather will be like, how the local dress codes and greetings may not be the same as they’re used to and what sort of cultural changes to expect.

Prepare Them for Big Change

Reassure your children that even though there are differences, there will always be similarities as well. As human beings, we all wish to be treated with love and respect. Observe possible mood and behavioural changes and be open-minded about possible negative feelings. Acceptance is the best way when dealing with children’s negative feelings. Most of the time, children deal better with challenging situations when these feelings are accepted and supported.

Give Them Emotional Support

Spend time talking about the effects of moving and watch out for emotions children display during these discussion. Reassure your children that their emotions are normal – many people will suffer some level of grief during such a big change. It is more important to help them find ways to cope with changes. For example, let them make some simple decisions at home. - Get in touch with your children’s new teachers to check on their progress in school.

Explore New Place with Them

Try to keep as many daily routines as possible the same as they were at home, slowly integrating new activities into their lives. Spend time exploring local places, engage in hobbies and activities your child enjoys, and make new friends – finding a new favourite restaurant or playground and joining local families in celebrating local holidays events are just some activities that help in the transition.

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