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Jawaharlal Nehru's Biggest Mistakes As First Prime Minister Of Independence India

Jawaharlal Nehru's Biggest Mistakes As First Prime Minister Of Independence India

In 1947, India got Independence after many years of struggle for freedom. Then Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of Independent India. Panditji made great efforts to bring the country to a good state after independence. His works are appreciated even today. It is often said about Nehru that he had a good understanding of foreign affairs. In spite of all this, Nehru made many such mistakes which we have to suffer today.

For his mistakes, India is paying or struggling till today. Let's know about such mistakes of Chacha Nehru:

1 - Coco Island-

India gifted this island to Myanmar in the year 1950. Its disadvantage was that China took it from Myanmar and from here even today, China keeps an eye on us. In short, indirectly our first PM made China stronger.

2 - Kabu Valley-

The valley of Manipur used to be ours. In 1954, Nehru gave it to Myanmar. It is said about Kabu valley that if there is such a beautiful place after Kashmir in the world then it is this valley. We lost such a beautiful place. Today China also keeps an eye on us through this valley.

3 - India Nepal merger-

Perhaps, it's his biggest mistake. Nepal itself wanted to join India but then Nehru was not prepared. Our first Prime Minister, who gave the good news of freedom to the country from the Red Fort after Independence, took some decisions in his tenure that spoiled the future of Independent India. Many of his decisions proved to be the right of China. He should have taken these decisions keeping in mind about the future of India. ALSO READ:

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