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Some of the Most Appreciated Bollywood Movies which are Banned in Pakistan!

Some of the Most Appreciated Bollywood Movies which are Banned in Pakistan!

Market collection of any movie is very important, the reason being a movie should be released in every country. Any movie for not being released in a specific place costs a big loss to the producers as well as the team of that particular film. Pakistan is considered as one of those countries wherein people love to watch Bollywood movies. It is generally believed that Pakistan's collection is one of the important parts of making a film successful.

There are many Bollywood movies that are successful in India but banned in Pakistan due to many reasons. The country started banning the film since 1962 while this tradition was uplifted in 2008.

We have enlisted some of the most successful Bollywood films that failed to release in Pakistan...

sonam kapoor, Neerja

Neerja, 2016

Neerja- This film allegedly showed a bad scenario of the country thus it was banned. Lead actress Sonam Kapoor proclaims it as a false fact. She plays the lead character Neerja Bhanot in the film.

akshay kumar, Baby

Baby, 2015

The film was banned in Pakistan which has Akshay Kumar as the lead actor. The film was based on terrorism that again showed a bad picture of the country.

saif ali khan and katrina kaif

Phantom, 2015

The film was based on 26/11 attack that took place in Mumbai. Hafeez Muhammad Saaed’s Jamaad-Ud-Dawa was the reason behind the ban of this film. Pakistani authorities wanted no disputes in the country. The petition launched by Muhammad Saeed was the reason why they didn’t released the film.

shahid kapoor, Haider

Haider, 2014

The film shows Kashmir insurgency which is considered to be a sensitive issue for the country.